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Southview HOA - Agreements, Forms & Reports

Southview's PUD HOA presently has a several adopted Agreements, Forms and Reports.


The New Construction Agreement is executed by a lot owner jointly with their building/general

contractor and Southview HOA.  Click on the house icon to the right to view this agreement.  


The Architectural Request/Submission Form is submitted to the Southview HOA Board of 

Directors for a proposed change to an existing Southview property.  Click on the request icon

to the right to view this form.  

This form is predicated on Southview's Architectural Control Resolution - May 24, 2019  

The following reports are now available:

2023 Southview Reserve Analysis Report - HOA

2023 Southview Reserve Analysis Report - SID

Note -After clicking on any of the following linked icons or titles a new window appears in which you can view, print or download to your computer.  When finished viewing -Close tab in new window (with       ) to return here 

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