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Water Resources for Southview Home Development 

The developer of Southview PUD, Davidson Industries, began drilling for water sources in 1980.  Initially two wells (labeled Well #1 and Well #2) were drilled near the Southview front gate to satisfy the anticipated demand for water once all Southview was completely populated with residences. After water quality testing for these two wells and the review of the results by Lane county, these wells were deemed too risky for long-term domestic consumption. Subsequently in 1981 a third well (Well #3) was drilled at an increased distance from the ocean in the Berry Creek Quarry area.  Well #3 was located on the Berry Creek Quarry access road, which is about 1/2 mile south of the entrance to Southview off of Hwy 101.  This well (#3) passed all quality testing and has become Southview’s reliable excellent source of water


State and county requirements call for a water storage facility on site for housing developments such as Southview. Therefore, Davidson had a 69,000 gallon porcelain-lined tank manufactured and then installed at one of the highest elevations in Southview (100 yards or so northeast of Southview Lanes at its north loop). In addition to the tank, Southview’s reservoir includes a float system, a water level gauge and a low level alarm system.


The other major physical components of Southview’s water system consist of the well house that includes the well (#3), a submersible pump, an electrical panel, a surge protector, a variable frequency pump drive, and the start of the 2” water line that delivers water to the reservoir. Another major component of the water system is the booster pump station.  This facility which is located adjacent to the water tank consists of pumps, tanks, valves, switches, gauges and control monitoring equipment.  The last major component is the distribution system which is comprised primarily of various sizes of PVC lines and pressure reduction valves.  Click on the following to see where the various water components are located.


The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) serves as the primary agency for ensuring safe drinking water for developments such as Southview.  OHA requires that Southview conduct periodic surveys related to water quality, and investigate and ensure that any problems concerning water quality are quickly and adequately addressed.  Our water complies with all standards established by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS).  Click on the following to view our recent Water Quality Reports.



Recently Southview has joined the Oregon Association of Water Utilities (OAWU).  Membership in OAWU benefits Southview in that it provides  needed on-site technical assistance, training related to water quality issues, and access to information needed to maintain safe drinking water for Southview consumers.


Another continuing initiative is Southview’s Cross Connection Prevention Program.  ( X tab for this document to return)  The purpose of this program is to protect Southview’s water system from the possibility of pollution and contamination back flowing into our distribution system from potential pollution hazards such as home irrigation systems, home booster systems, home hydronic heating systems etc..  OHA requires Southview to ensure that backflow prevention devices are installed for all homes that have the possibility of causing backflow contamination and once installed they must tested annually.

As of March 1, 2021 Delta Operations is the manager of our water system.  Carla Grano is Southview's contact person with Delta and has been and will continue working with Delta.  Any questions from members need to be made through Carla.  Jackie Polder and Bob Estill are alternate contacts if Carla is not available. Members should not contact Delta Operations directly.  One of the tasks assumed by Delta will be to read our residential water meters on a quarterly basis.  

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