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Southview  Background 

The earliest inhabitants of the Florence area, including Southview, were members of the Siuslaw Indian nation.  A Smithsonian scientist, John P, Harrington, recorded in his journal (1941-1942) that what we now call Southview was referred to by these Native Americans as "Pennik", which translates as "beautiful"  or "pretty".

The Southview development began as a vision of Don-Lee Davidson, a local lumber man, in 1960.  Upon viewing the area from mile marker 181 of Hwy 101 he envisioned a development of overwhelming beauty.  Initially he planned on a destination resort for Southview but due to considerable opposition changed to building a Planned Unit Development (PUD).  In 1983 Davidson's final PUD documents were recorded with Lane County.  In 1989 two different non-profit corporations were established.  These corporations were the Southview Improvement District (SID) and the Southview Home Owners Association (HOA).  Jointly they were to cooperatively manage the resources of Southview for the benefit of the Southview lot owners.

In 1988 the first home, commissioned by Davidson, was built by Paradise Homes (Lot #33).  This was followed by the first owner-built house (Lot #29), which was occupied in 1989.  There are currently 27 homes in the Southview development with two additional vacant lots that could be built on in the future.

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