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Southview HOA Records Request Policy 

HOA Records Request Policy


 A request  for records in the custody of the HOA may be made by submitting a written request  to a Records Custodian.  Records Custodians include the HOA Secretary, Treasurer, Board Members  or other individuals specifically appointed by the Board.   The request may be submitted in person, by mail, or by email.


The request must include:

- Name and address of the requester of the HOA records;

- Telephone number or other  contact information for the requester;

- A sufficiently detailed description of records requested to allow the HOA to identify desired records;  

- A statement indicating whether the requester desires to view the records or have copies provided and 

- A statement explaining how the request is made in good faith and for a proper purpose.

- The requester should sign and date the request.


Acknowledgement of Receipt:  

Within 5 business days of receipt of the request, the HOA shall acknowledge the request and

provide the requester  with  an estimate of fees, if copies are requested  or  .

contact the requester to schedule date and time to meet, it's request is to view records.


Completion of Request:

The HOA shall complete the request within 10 business days from date of receipt of request I or other time frame when allowed by law (DRS 94.670(8)-(11)).


Fee Schedule

- Photocopies - at actual cost to produce at local copier store.

- Mil age reimbursement to Custodian responding to request - at current IRS mileage rate.

- Actual cost for delivery of records such as postage.  Email transmissions- ·no charge.

- Other allowable  costs,(DRS 65.777(3) and 94.670(12))- at actual cost.

-Prepayment of estimated fees may be required before. completion of request..  Full payment is required at or before time of pick up or delivery.


Authorization Required for Removal of Original Records: At no time shall an original record. of the HOA be removed from the HOA's files or the place at which the record is regularly  maintained, except by an authorized Records Custodian.


Compliance: The HOA shall fully comply with the Oregon Records Law (DRS 65.774-65.777 and 94.670).

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